Best places for a diner/coffee in Santander


The people who know me well they know how gourmand I am. Especially when it’s about Spanish food! When I arrived to Santander, everybody was telling me that the food here was delicious and the cafes and restaurants were so relaxing and warmfull. I immediatly thought : I found the perfect city! LOL

So when my best friend came here too, we decided to try all the food we could have time to eat here. We googled some restaurants and went to find out what tasty things they had to eat. Some friends of mine told me to go to other places too and I also loved those. And some other  restaurants we just found by exploring the city.  

And it was true : all the food here is sooo delicious! Their « croquetas », « anchoas », « tortillas », homemade cakes, « mejillones tigres », « calamares » .. well you have to try!  

And there is also my favorite spot for a coffee break or a tasty breakfast —> Santa & Co. This place is so cosy and relaxing and you can have food and drinks for any time of the day : like a breakfast for the morning or a brunch, burgers and fries for a lunch or a diner and coffee whenever you want to. Just love it. 

And this place called Galoffa was the best place to eat Spanish tortillas, especially their tortillas with chorizos.. something soo delicious. It was the first time that I tried tortillas in my life and I think that I could eat them all the time LOL.  

The prices are so affordable, and you can also have some meals to share with your friends because sometimes you'll have too much "croquetas" for your own haha. 

Well, so I’m letting you to find out these few places to have a good meal and time in Santander : definetely my favorite places. I’ll write another post about some other new places when I’ll go there and try the menu.

And thanks for reading guys! Love you all, 


- Ramonoteca -


- Santa & Co -


- Masamadre -

- Galoffa - 


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