Be the best version of yourself


Life is a challenging adventure : or you dare to give it a try, or you hide in your little bubble and stay invisible. It’s your call. I know, sometimes, or most of the time, it’s easier to just close the door, stay at home and be yourself, when no one is watching. Because it’s better no? At least, that’s what you think : “I am alone, no one can see me, so no one can hurt me, or judge me, or even laugh at me”. But did you ever wondered, who said that the others have any right to judge you? Who said that the others are better than you? Who said that they can have a better life, better job, or better anything than you? Who said that they are not hiding something theirselves? I know it will sound a little bit cliche but people who judge the others, who are constantly jealous of them, are the ones who have at least one insecurity : or it’s something with their body, or lifestyle, or I don’t know, something else that they are trying to hide, so the best thing that they can think about is to attack, to show to the others that they have a perfect life, a perfect body, a perfect mind, that nothing is wrong with them. Insecurity is madness. Insecurity is death, it’s anger, it’s jealousy, it’s a nonsense.

The problem is that in the last few years beauty/body/life standards changed so much that people became even more insecure. People thought that they had to be perfect to be accepted in the society, or for a job, or to be an influencer, a blogger, or anything that they just wanted to be. But who the hell decided that? Who said that perfection was obligation? Who said you are not beautiful, intelligent or brave enough to have that job, that life or just to wear that outfit that you like so much? Being imperfect it’s not a problem, being perfect (actually, to seem perfect) is the real problem. Making others to believe that you are someone who you are not, it’s the real problem here guys! Why not be brave and confident enough to show others your real self? Why just not be YOU? Isn’t it such an amazing feeling being yourself, being free?

Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams : there will not be thousands of opportunities. Don’t waste your time, just think about yourself, your life, of what you really want. It’s sometimes really hard to put yourself in the first position, but that’s what you should do. Don’t forget that sometimes others can take care of theirselves without your help, that sometimes what they actually need is you being you. For example your parents, what they really want is you to be happy, is you to live the life of your dreams. You want to take care of them, but sometimes it’s not necessary as much as you think, sometimes they actually want to take care of theirselves to feel useful, to not think that they are being an obstacle for you to follow your dreams. Also, nothing is impossible in life, you can take care of several things at the same time, being happy, and living your best life, as soon as you believe in you. Your life is in your hands.

Never let people to underestimate you, to make you believe that they are better than you. The grades, the likes, the followers, the viewers, the qualifications, etc : none of these is YOU, none of these is your real self! You know who you really are? It’s you when you watch yourself in the mirror, when no one is around, and you say to yourself “I am beautiful, I am free, I am alive (no matter how difficult life is), I am brave, I am ME. And what you should do is to take that person you saw in the mirror with you, ALWAYS, to carry him/her tightly, like it’s the most important thing in your life, because it is! YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON OF YOUR LIFE. If you don’t love yourself, no one will. It’s a true saying actually. Love yourself, to attract love, happiness, freedom. Just be you.

We all are perfect.

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