Most of the time it’s really hard to have an idea and stick with it till the end, it’s hard to actually achieve it. In my case, the problem is that sometimes I forget to write down that down and make a plan to accomplish it.

So here’s what I did to become more productive.

Make lists

Yes, making a list of your ideas, goals that you want to achieve will actually help you to visualise them and most importantly, not forget them. I am using my iPhone’s “Reminder” app to make a to-do list for example, but there are lot’s of other fun and free apps that you can use. For example, I also like using the Trello app (exists also in desktop mode), which is free and so easy to organize your ideas by making as much lists as you want.

Create categories

Then, I will take that list and separate the ideas into different categories. I use my Reminder app to create like a grocery list, a general to-do list and daily to-do lists for each day of the week, a wishlist, etc.

Separating my to-do list into 7 to-do lists for each day of the week really helped me to keep on track my tasks, because every time I was looking at my long general to-do list I was like “Okkk, don’t wait for me, I’ll do it next time, tomorrow, next week” … and sometimes it happened to be done the next year. That’s the problem of the procrastination, because every time you are looking at that list you are freaking out, you are feeling unable to click “done”, it’s seems so messy to you, which is actually so simple when you trust in yourself and of course, follow those organizing steps.

So you see, it’s actually easier to complete a small to-do lists than a long one.

With the Trello app I’m mostly organizing my blog, Youtube and IGTV. With this app you can even make a list of things that you have to do to complete your task. It’s my favorite thing in this app. For example, when I have to film a tutorial or a haul video, I’m making inside of this task a list of makeup products I want to use or the products that I want to film, or even the outfit I’m gonna wear, and the hairstyle I’ll do.

Don’t forget your calendar app

You may not realize, but when you don’t add in your phone an appointment or an event that you have to attend, there is 80% of chances that you’ll forget about it and freak out at the last moment. Every time I call a doctor or I just have to meet a friend I’m adding it into my iCalendar. It’s an important step if you want to be an organized person. You don’t want to look unprofessional by forgetting an important meeting for example. And also, what it’s great in those calendar apps is that you can organize your meetings, appointments, etc by categories, with colors. I hope that al least the word “colors” will motivate you to do so…

Also, don’t forget, when you can do so, to add an address for your meeting, etc : because you’ll not waste time in searching the address, or typing it into your GPS. Come on guys, technology may sometimes be an evil, but it mostly helps us to make things faster!

More and more reminders

This is THE step. Yes, putting reminders on your phone or computer to pop up on your screen and make you remember about your tasks or to-do list is what’s gonna help you to actually complete those tasks!! So every time you are adding a task on your favorite app, don’t forget to hit the “remind me” button and set a date and time to complete that task.

It goes the same for the calendar apps : when you add an appointment, don’t just add it and close the app, don’t forget to add a reminder, an alert to have a reminder for example 1 hour before your appointment, so you won’t be late.

See how these simple, easy and fun steps can change your LIFE?! Because yes, organization is the key for a not messy, stressless and calm life. Make your days happier and zen. Stop stressing for all the things that you have to do. It’s so easy to take an hour and organize your life, then stress every single day because of your procrastination.

Hope that this will help you guys! Thanks for reading!

xo, Mar.png