How to be productive

monthly planner + bullet journal-2.png

1. Make a list of what you have to do

Write down all that you have to do and make to do lists by categories : 

  • things to do for home

  • for work

  • for study

  • for a hobby that you have

  • for urgent things

  • for things that you have to do now or tomorrow or later

  • things to buy

  • etc

monthly planner + bullet journal.png

2. Get a bullet journal and a monthly planner

A bullet journal is a great way to organize your life in one notebook. In this journal you have to share the things that you wrote down in your to do list day by day, so that your list will not just stay a not accomplished list. Always take this journal with you so you will remember what you have to do. 

A monthly planner is for having a look of things that you have to do in the month in one page. It's an overview of the month, so you don't have to turn the pages to see what you have to do. You can also write down in this planner only the important things to do or the events of that month. 


3. Plan your week

The weekly planner is a great supply for your desk : at home or at work. You can plan your week at the end or at the beginning of every week to get organized and have an overview of your week just in front of you, on your desk. If something comes up, just add it to your week. 


4. Use mind notes

You already know those mind notes for when you are writing down the date of an appointment when you are on the phone or just a number. But those sticky mind notes can also be used for :

  • writing inspirational notes to put on your desk or in your planner

  • writing any ideas that suddenly come up

  • writing a love note for your half one

  • etc


5. Get a little notebook for your brilliant ideas

Buy a little cute notebook with a cover that makes you smile, gives you inspiration. Use this notebook to write down your ideas for any subject, such as ideas for a new blog post, for a work that you have to do, etc. You can also use it to make an inspirational notebook where you can write motivational quotes, poems, songs, etc. Or you can just draw on it.