Athens diary



Hey girls ! Hope you’re all doing well and enjoy the summer. I’m already back from my trip to Greece (Athens) and I’m starting to work on the blog. I went to Athens for a week to enjoy the sun and it feels really good. I really had to go somewhere after this tiring year.
I had some time to do shootings between my tanning sessions and exploring the city and Greece. I’ll show you the photos next week guys 

Athens is a very welcoming city and really ancient. People are so nice and kind that we can feel welcome. Athens has so much charm and is a good place to explore with family or friends. The food is great and at reasonable prices. But if you want to keep getting in your bikini don’t order the whole menu (even if it’s so tempting)  Instead choose some seafood and fish (which is so yummy in Greece). Their salads are full of veggies and so delicious (you so have to try the greek salad), so you can enjoy them without any regrets.

But I think that now we should talk about our favorite topic. Yes, yes…shopping ! Let me assure you, there is absolutely everything in Athens, EVERYTHING. You’ll absolutely find there what you’re looking for. At every step you’ll find a cute boutique or a mall or a huge fashion store where you’ll find all brands (Dior, Chanel, Mac cosmetics, etc). You’ll see Hondos Center so often because there is a lot of that mall. It’s a big mall where you can find all luxe brands. During the sales you’ll just ask yourself « Am I dreaming right now? », because their sales are HUGE.

I was lucky to be there during that period and I found everything that I was looking for, and even more than that. Greek boutiques are so cute and the staff is always kind and is treating you like a queen. One of the perfect places to do shopping is the Syntagma area. Syntagma is also the center of Athens (the Parliament, National Gardens, etc). The « commercial » streets are most of them pedestrian areas where you can shop without getting bored by car’s noises or waiting for an eternity before walk across the street to go Zara for example. You can completely enjoy your shopping by walking quietly in the streets of Athens.

That’s it guys. I’m showing you today some photos from Athens that I did between my shopping or during diner or even when I was exploring the city. There is also some photos that I did on my terrace of the hotel. We had the chance to have this amazing view from it by seeing cute typical greek houses and at the other side we had the sea just in front of us.

So I’m letting you to enjoy the photos meanwhile I’ll show you my other posts from Greece that I’ll share with you next week.

Under each photo you can see the links to all the clothes that I’m wearing so you can have a little idea about what to wear on your holidays and sunny days to be both chic and casual.

Big kisses !!


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