Outfit ideas for being chic and warm in winter

I think that winter is the season when you are cold, freezing but you don’t want to go out with a big amount of cloths on you and looking like a bear. You still want to look chic, glam, stylish.. all being warm and cosy. I know.. sometimes, even when it’s snowing outside I just want to wear my high heel sandals and go to a restaurant. But how stupid I would look, right? So you just replace those cute little heels by high heel sexy black boots and drama solved. But what about the rest of your look? Ok, sometimes when you wear those sexy boots or velvet knee boots for example, with a really simple top and black or leather pants, you are simple chic and you actually rock it.

But what about leaving the simplicity and trying to be original, fierce and sexy for winter, without freezing like a snowman?

That’s a good thing that this season is full of nice outfit pieces with animal prints, leather, faux fur and even big anoraks (the bigger the better). And the colors..! Oh my, this is the coolest thing. This season you would make a fashion faux pas wearing only black! Dare to wear colorful items : green, blue, moutarde yellow, red, pink fuschia, and so much more. Being original and mixing up the must have pieces of the moment with simple items, would definitely make the difference. So yeah, this winter you should have fun and be your own stylist.

Here I made a few collages with some cute and original pieces to give you some ideas of looks that you can wear this winter. Hope you’ll like it guys and thanks for reading!

xoxo, Mardictyle

Stradivarius faux fur coat.jpg
Truffle Collection high heel boots.jpg
Asos animal print dress.JPG