For all of us there is always a place in the world where we feel completely ourselves. It can be any place, any city, any country in the whole world. It is just a place when you feel good, you fell happy and less worried about life's stupid things. For me that place has a name : Santander, a beautiful city of my favorite country, Spain. I already wrote an article about my Erasmus experience in that city so I will not talk about the same thing. 

This one is all about feeling good in life (something that not happens aaaalll the time). You know, I'm talking about the feeling of when you are living your life happily and normally, but you also feel something strange, something that aches you inside, a voice that is telling you that you shouldn't stop there, that something is actually missing in your life.. you are not your true self. So how can you be 100% happy if you don't know who you really are, what you really need and want in this life. 

So what you do, you take a break from everything and you travel, to clear your mind, forget life's routine and be able to concentrate more in your life and understand things. You go to explore world, to discover new things, new lifestyle, new people and at some moment it happens that you relate yourself more to another city's lifestyle than your's. And it's ok actually. That is the moment of true happiness, because you finally understand how you wanted to live, if you were actually free to be who you wanted to be in your city. Now you understand that no matter what, no matter where, you can live the life of your dreams, you can be whoever you want to be, with no shame, no fears and with confidence. 

That's how I felt in Santander. In that magical city I could be who I really was inside of me. I managed to gain more confidence and started to believe in me and in my dreams. I knew that in this world nothing would be easy, but if you really believed in yourself, you will achieve whatever you wanted. Santander was a city full of people with confidence, style, smiling faces, a city where I could wear whatever I wanted without feeling people gazing me strangely. And that felt good. And once back to my city, I didn't care anymore about people's opinions, gazes or whatever, I started to wear what I wanted, being myself and feel confident.