Pink shades


This is where a new adventure started, under the sun of a magical city that is Santander. Living in Spain was always a dream come true for me and I never stopped believing in it. And now that it actually is happening, even for a few months, I couldn’t be happier. 

Realizing that when you never stop believing in what you really want to achieve in life, you actually get it, is just a ‘wow’ thing. Like : really? All I had to do was to believe? Yeah.. believe and go for it. 

You will always have to make sacrifices. Sometimes you’ll hesitate and think that what if it was a bad choice, what if you shouldn’t take that risk? But most of the time those sacrifices you made were for the right thing. Most of the time you’ll don’t have any regrets and you’ll just be happy living your dream. 

So I went to explore the beautiful city. The sun was shining and it was just perfect to take some photos and have fun. I choose outfits of pink shades to play crazy and be called « The Pink lady » lol (just kidding). I am wearing this cute coat from Zara which is so comfy to wear especially with dresses. I am wearing a simple pink dress also from Zara which I bought this winter so they don’t have it available anymore but I put the links of some other similar dresses that might work with this look. Finally I am wearing my pink over the knee boots which I bought in a little boutique in Spain. And to accesorize my look I simply wore my Dior sunglasses which are just timeless. 

Enought talking, I’m letting you to discover my look and hope that you’ll like it. Thanks for reading guys! Love you. 


Mariam MirzoyanComment