Hey guys !! Hope that you are having a nice day even if it’s raining or the sun is super present, don’t really matter doesn’t it ?  There we have a little bit more of sun, even if sometimes the whether is not really nice…well, it’ll change. So excited for summer (finally) !

Today, I’m going to show you a look that I’ve prepared weeks ago, when it was colder than it is today. This is one of my favorite look for those « not too cold, but cold » days (hmmm Ok, that was weird). I’m posting this look today because even if in some countries we are already tanning, don’t forget that some people are still living in those rainy and windy places (like me…a little bit), so they can be stylish too 

Well, enough to tell nonsenses…let’s talk about that look.

I’m wearing one of my favorite faux fur burgundy coat by Pepe Jeans (one of my favorite colors and super trendy) in which we are feeling like a diva (it’s really worthy). Plus, it is so soft…OK. What about my top ? I’m wearing a NAF-NAF pastel pink top which is a well-match with the coat because it is also soft and the burgundy and pastel pink colors are matching pretty well too. And who said that we can’t wear neckline tops when it’s a little cold ? No-one, girls ! NO-ONE. So, dare everything. I’m wearing burgundy pants by ZARA, really perfect for Autumn-Winter. I’m also wearing high-heeled khaki boots by ANDRÉ : the heels are really confortable to run run run (well, if you want so). Finally, I’m wearing my favorite accessory : burgundy hat from ASOS. It is really perfect to wear also with blue jeans/leather jacket/sneakers/boots, … for any look actually. We can mix them with any style/look, like chic or casual. And there is my black bag with fringing by Pimkie, great for those days when you don’t gave a big stuff to carry on with you, so take this 

So that’s all. I’m letting you to watch the photos and I’m going to wish about summer (hope that it’s for soon). Big kisses !

pepe jeans faux fur.jpg
burgundy hat and faux fur.jpg
pepejeans copie.jpg
asos hat.jpg

Faux fur : Pepe Jeans 

Top : Naf-Naf 

Pants : Zara 

Boots : André 

Bag : Pimkie

Hat : Asos