Why you should try dry brushing

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Ok guys so it all started suddenly, while I was watching a video on Youtube, you know the ones by Vogue when they film influencer’s, actresses, bloggers beauty routines. And I just found out about an interesting technique called “dry brushing”. I can’t remember which model’s technique was it, but I saw her brushing her skin, totally in a “dry mode” and I was like “WHAT?! What is this? Does it hurt?”. But also remembered me reading some article a few months ago telling about the benefits of dry brushing especially on cellulite problem skins. At that time I didn’t gave much attention to that, I thought that it was another internet stupid hack that never works. But sawing that video and seeing that little cute brush she was using, made me think “What if it really works?”. So I decided to try this time. She said that it was a brush from a brand called MIO SKINCARE and so I visited their page to know a little bit more.

And there I met that little cute object called THE MIO BODY BRUSH, at only 20$. I was surprised. I was not sure if something that cheap would actually help to have a better skin quickly, ready for the summer. I decided to give it a try. It came in within a week and I immediately started to use it. It is a natural boar bristle brush with massage nodules and super simple and easy to use! When I used it the first time it was kind of weird to massage my skin without any oily and smooth product, but it didn’t hurt me. After brushing my legs, my arms and my tummy, my skin was a little bit red but it was totally normal and not painful. It disappeared after taking a shower. You can also massage your skin in the shower but not in the water : I mean, just wet your skin and massage as it says on their page or on the packaging of the product. When I placed my order, I also had a sample of their SKIN TIGHT BODY SERUM : I use it after my dry brushing massage to smoothen my skin even more and to tighten it as much as it is possible.

I am using this brush 3 times a week since a month now and I can already see the first results. The cellulite devil is disappearing and my skin looks tighter. Plus, it is a technique that I enjoy and it’s effortless to do, so you will not have any excuses to avoid taking care of your skin.

I will continue using this brush until summer, to have the best results and I’ll let you know guys about the final result of course!

I hope you liked this super helpful post to fight against that annoying and not easy to disappear phenomenon that is cellulite. If you are into natural hacks, more that laser treatments for example, than you should totally try this! It really helps, and you’ll embrace a smooth, perfect and toned body sooner than you’ll expect.

Thanks for reading guys!

xo, Mardictyle

THE MIO BODY BRUSH (click on the image to shop)

THE MIO BODY BRUSH (click on the image to shop)