Yoga skin trend : reinvent your makeup routine


Few weeks ago I found out about a lifechanging makeup trend, called Yoga skin trend. It is a makeup technique created by Sara Hill. She is genious for having this idea that changes our makeup routines! Especially for those who are always running late in the morning (just like me), or for those who don’t like makeup that much and prefer putting on their face as smallest amounts as possible. So that technique is definitely for you guys!

But what exactly it is about? Like said Sara, “Yoga skin is about creating luscious, fresh and juicy skin that looks natural, but glowing with health”.

First, your start applying your regular skincare product on your face and let it penetrate into your skin for a few minutes. Then you apply your favorite primer and start the mixing process. Yes, you can mix up together all your favorite makeup products for your face, for example : mix up a medium amount of your foundation with a small amount of facial oil or a moisturizing cream, add small amount of liquid illuminator and done. Sara said that if you have dry skin, then you can add more of a moisturizing cream to the mixture for more hydration, but if you have an oily skin, you can add less of skincare product in the mixture, but more of foundation.

Then you start applying the mixture to your face, layer by layer, using your hands. But when I am in a hurry, I just use a beauty blender or my favorite foundation brush and I apply the mixture on my face. But If you want to see the real result of this trend, you should try doing like Sara said, by applying the mixture to your face, with your hands, layer by layer, by letting to set each layer before applying the next one.

After finishing this step, you can apply a liquid concealer underneath your eyes, or to the areas of your face than need more coverage. Sara suggests to use a fluffy eyeshadow brush when applying your concealer for a lighter, more natural effect.

At the end, you can use a translucent powder for matifying your T zone for example, but if you want to save the glowy/luminous effect of this trend, than you shouldn’t use that much of powder.

I really loved this life-changing trend because it really speeds up your makeup routine for those running late mornings, and it’s also a really great way to achieve a glowy, healthy looking natural look.

Since I discovered it, it’s a technique that I use really often. I also filmed my first time trying this technique for my Youtube channel (link down below), by changing some steps, and the result was really surprising and natural.

I definitely recommend you guys to try this amazing and easy trend that anyone can do! And that’s it for this post. I hop that you liked it guys, see you soon!

xo, Mardictyle